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Concert in Old Town

Over the years I’ve never really been one to spend a Friday night in Old Town. I just never had the time, someone to go with, or really any reason to go. But a few weekends ago a friend’s band was performing at Hodi’s Half Note. I really didn’t know what to expect, I figured it would be just a bunch of teenagers that the band members knew, but to my surprise there were people of all ages. It was great to see how many people showed up to support a local band. It was a fun experience and something I’d be more than willing to do again.


Not actually on the list, but who cares.

Well, because Sammi and I have failed to actually complete another item on the list, I’m just going to have to write about something that happened that definitely should have been on the list. In event of the snow two weekends ago, we decided to go on an adventure! We tagged along with some friends of ours and went drifting. At first I was just accepting the fact that we were all going to die. But it turned out to be one heck of a fun time! Eventually we tied a rope to the back of the car and strapped into a snowboard and went boarding on a field. No, not the safest thing in the world, but it wasn’t the worst thing that a group of dumb teenagers could have come up with. We all took turns trying to stay up the longest and trying to throw the rider off. The whole thing was a ton of fun, and worth the uneasy feelings about it at first.

Photo 2013-02-26 01.55.02 PM

#4 Have a Baking Date

So #4 on the list was to have a baking date. The only real reasons we chose the baking date was because we had three boxes of cake mix and a few hours to kill. We had 2 boxes of red velvet and one of white. Our plan was to make swirly cakes. We were pretty successful, they didn’t look very fancy, but they did taste AMAZING. Definitely a successful first bucket list task completion. Not that anybody reading this cares, assuming that someone might actually be reading this, but they were taken to a new years party and were enjoyed immensely! Two points for Linnae and Sammi’s baking skills. One down, way too many more to go. Here’s a picture for your ‘viewing pleasure’:Image


Junior year is very stressful. There’s never ending homework, a lot of new responsibilities, and new pressures being faced every day. All the stress can build up, and the only way you can relieve it is by accomplishing other simple and fun tasks or goals. AP Chem and APUSH were probably the worst class choices that could have ever been made, they have made mine and Sammi’s lives living hell the last 6 months. To kill help dissolve our constant stress we began to think of things we could attempt to accomplish, but would enjoy doing at the same time, thus the birth of our Junior Year Bucket List.

By the end of the year we are to complete 60+ random but fun tasks to help kill stress but that also allow us to enjoy life. Sadly only 4 tasks have been completed, but the ‘inspiration’ of the 12 required blogs should help us accomplish a few more so I have something to write about!